Gloria in Highland Park, on the roof of a building near her office.

Gloria in Highland Park, on the roof of a building near her office.

How Is Working With Me Different?  

First, while I do offer hourly rates, I know that this is not always feasible for parents who are dealing with the expense of raising a child with disabilities and all that this encompasses—from extra caregiving expenses, to shortened work hours to not working at all.  

Because of that, I offer flat fee rates for some services. After we have an initial meeting to determine what your child’s immediate needs are, YOU are able to choose your own fees for a limited item or to work with me on an ongoing basis.  

Second, I know what it is like to work with families with unusual situations and can work with you around your desires for your child with disabilities and how their life will look on a day-to-day basis if something happens to you. This involves detailing your wants and needs, making them part of your trust documents, AND revisiting them on a regular basis—usually every three years—to make sure they are accurate and to add in other details that have changed.   

Finally, I have limited options where I offer “office hours” or times you can call me directly on a separate line given only to my clients.  

Why? Because I know you may have a question or issue that comes up and just need some direction before it becomes a legal matter—and you shouldn’t have to pay an attorney in six-minute increments for those calls.   

These are just a few of the services that make my practice different.  

I am the best fit for a family who knows there is a gap for their child with disabilities that they need to have filled but may only be able to do a little at a time.  I am also the best fit for a family who wants to ensure the best possible outcome for their child with disabilities and how to best make that happen, given your family dynamics.  I am a mother to a son who will need and require lifelong care. I go to bed at night with the same worries and fears that you do. My son is now thankfully thriving and we have a mixture of family support and government benefits in order to maximize his benefits.  


It has not been easy.  

But I worry less because I know I have done—and continue to do, because it is an ever-changing process—the planning for his future to the best of my abilities.  I know I also know that planning is something we do that will benefit those we love most and that any plan or package we design together will be in the best interests of your child.   

I would love to start helping you protect your child with disabilities in whatever way they need, and look forward to meeting you!